Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) is a client/server protocol and software that provides remote access servers to communicate with a central server to authenticate dial-in users and authorize their access to the requested system or service.

RADIUS Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS Release 15M&T - AAA Jan 31, 2019 Guide: How to setup a RADIUS Server on Windows Server 2012 Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service, RADIUS is a network protocol that’s designed to centralize authentication and administration for users to connect and use a network. How to install and configure? In this guide, I assume that you have a basic understanding of Windows Server and already have Active Directory installed. Documentation - FreeRADIUS


Jul 09, 2020 MikroTik RADIUS Server (User Manager) Installation

Solved: I am configuring an ISE 2.3 environment with 2 nodes When debugging the dot1x authentications in a 2960x switch I get the following 157525: Feb 21 10:36:10.562: %RADIUS-4-RADIUS_DEAD: RADIUS server,1813 is not responding.

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