AZCVSUpdater, A CVS Build Updater v3.1.4 released 4 years ago . This plugin helps manage Vuze beta snapshot releases by automating the process of checking for new builds, downloading them and installing them (and more!).

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Dec 19, 2017

Vuze is the easiest to use and the best torrent download software on the internet. Hello, I'm new to this forum and have searched all over the internet and this very forum, but nothing seems to help, and the internet solutions tend to have a lot of technical jargon that I do not understand. I recently switched from uTorrent to Vuze, because uTorrent was being slow and Vuze has been giving me better speeds. Vuze is a neatly designed torrent client with a lot of features for pro users to make for a better torrenting experience. However, since it is closed source software, it will always have some


Mar 04, 2016