Jul 22, 2020

This safe web browser is 30 % lighter than other web browsers which take less memory. More Info and Download. 4. Opera Browser. Opera browser is a fast and secure internet browser for Windows. You can do all of your required task like browsing, checking emails and watching movies. Though it is free for Windows and Android but the other device 10 Kid-Friendly Browsers that Are Totally Safe For Kids to Dec 30, 2017 Apr 30, 2020 · Epic is the most secure browser that protects you from tracking scripts, cookies, third-party widgets and Ad networks. It also lets you access the blocked content from others countries. Using this browser, your searches remain private and it disallows search engines to save your IP address.

Safe Browser is a safe, simple, fast browser. Safe Browser is family friendly browser and safe to be used from Kids to older persons. Protect your children / kids.

Brave Browser is the most secure Android browser for people who are looking for such features with the same performance level. It is a Chrome-based browser with customizable options for blocking ads and tracking, enabling HTTPS Everywhere, Blocking third-party cookies, blocking scripts and enabling fingerprint protection with a just single click.

6 lesser-known browsers: Free, lightweight and low

What is the Top Safest/Private Web Browser in 2020 Jun 01, 2020