Aug 09, 2010 · I see, your bookmark isn’t working because it specifically points to an HTML file that doesn’t exist anymore, the new homepage is technically index.php not index.html. Don’t fix your bookmark though, some of your visitors might be experiencing the same problem, so I’ll get it fixed so that your bookmark will work.

What is PHP Redirect? (with picture) - wiseGEEK Jun 26, 2020 PHP: header - Manual The HTTP RFCs don't call for such a drastic action. They simply state that a redirect content SHOULD include a link to the destination page (in which case ANY HTML compatible content type would do). But PHP even overrides a perfectly standards-compliant "Content-Type: application/xhtml+xml"!

- we can also enter a php file path as first parameter: "php-cgi /my/php/file" - the two behaviors described above are disabled when GATEWAY_INTERFACE env-var is set (commonly with "CGI/1.1") - if php-cgi was compiled with "--enable-force-cgi-redirect" option, it also requires the REDIRECT_STATUS env-var set to "200" (according php and nginx

For PHP, create a file (index.php for example) in the document root folder of your domain and add the following lines in it: For HTML, create a file (index.html for example) with the following content: Here you have the option to delay the redirect by increasing the CONTENT variable. For example CONTENT=5 will delay the redirect for 5 seconds. How to Make HTML Redirect to Another Page: A Complete Guide Aug 21, 2019

How to Make HTML Redirect to Another Page: A Complete Guide

Feb 18, 2020 · Using Redirect in an .htaccess file enables you to redirect users from an old page to a new page without having to keep the old page. For example, if you use index.html as your index file and then later rename index.html to home.html, you could set up a redirect to send users from index.html to home.html. For example: Redirect to a local site file