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Now go on windows xp system and test connectivity from DNS server. And set DNS ip address in LAN card properties. Now go on commands prompt and ping from other client by name to test dns. Alternately You can also verify DNS server by nslookup command. Test also by pinging server from name . Configure Linux DNS clients Install, Configure, and Maintain Linux DNS Server - Like Geeks Mar 17, 2017 Weekend Project: Setting up DNS Service Discovery - Jun 24, 2011 How to Find My DNS Server IP Address in Linux May 09, 2013

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Setting Up DNS Records - [CNAME] Record (canonical name AWK: Print Column – Change Field Separator – Linux Bash Tags access-control anonymity ansible apache archive artifactory bash boot cisco cmd command-line curl dns docker encryption ftp git java jenkins kubernetes linux mail mongodb monitoring mount mysql network nmap openssl password pdf performance powershell prometheus proxy python How to configure the DNS in Unix and Linux servers How to configure the DNS in Unix and Linux servers? A) Steps: First Create the file called /etc/resolv.conf - which includes the primary and secondary DNS server IP address for UNIX system, its your own DNS server. # touch /etc/resolv.conf # vi /etc/resolv.conf (Add the following lines to it)

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